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Also in Suggested Reading,

Jesse Tangen-Mills has some ideas for books to bring to the bar with you during the World Cup over at The Millions.

For the record, I don’t really understand bringing books to the bar (especially, if the thing you’re avoiding is a riveting international sporting event, rather than the occasional unwanted conversation), but if you must ….

I mean, not to get all Seinfeld on this, but people don’t bring booze to the library.


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Suggested Reading

Largehearted Boy put together its 2010 list of blogs to read. We’re not on it, it’s OK we’re just working really hard to get back to a very competitive level in ’14.

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Next Tumblr-to-Book Deal,

White People Graffiti, you heard it here second.

I saw this on Superchief.

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Another Hitch-22 review

and perhaps the last I’ll link to here: a careful consideration of the memoir by Ian Buruma in the New York Review of Books.


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Also, if you’re in New York and into this sort of thing:

Andy from Knife Fight and yours truly, will be DJ’ing a dance party at the loft above Public Assembly. It’ll be fun and it’s for a good cause. Details at Knife Fight.   

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This is probably poor blog etiquette,

but we’ve been getting a lot of hits on our Salinger posts lately, presumably because of this piece in the New Yorker: Ian Frazier visits the marginalia specialist at the New York Public Library and discovers that Nabokov has graded an anthology of New Yorker stories and given Salinger the only A+, besides the one he awarded himself.

Enjoy (there’s more to the article than what I ran down above). I just like that there’s a marginalia specialist at the NYPL.

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A Love Craft

Mike Force gave us the heads-up on a Lovecraft inspired art show at the Observatory in Brooklyn. It closes tomorrow, so get their while supplies last.

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