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Old News

Nobody would remember who Dale Peck is, had he not called Rick Moody the worst writer of his generation in the New Republic initiating a bunch of backlash against “snark” in criticism.

His mention still gets a bit of a rise out of Mr. Moody, seven years later, as the Hartford Advocate talks to him about his new book, The Four Fingers of Death, among other things.

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Free Books for Donations

Is this the future of publishing? You get a free book, and you’re encouraged to make a donation, then donate the book to a friend…who makes a donation, and so on.

The publisher’s don’t make scratch, but the writers get all warm and fuzzy, ’cause their books actually get a little circulation, and they feel like they’re changing the world.

Death to publishing!!!

I mean, Death to traditional publishing!!!!!

And thanks to NPR for the link.

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Jane Austen’s Fight Club

This is a Sporting Gentleman post, I guess. Brad Pitt has the option, Keira Knightly and Michelle Rodriguez are already attached :

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This isn’t quite a SG post either, but I came across this video of Conan O’Brien and Hunter S. Thompson shooting guns and drinking hard liquor on Superchief. RIP Hunter and NBC.

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Check it out:

Tomorrow night; Williamsburg’s new cinema; a bunch of great shorts; Q&A’s w/ the filmmakers; a movie called I’m not drunk: the game (incidentally, my Mother and I, always use to play that game, whenever either of us came home and the other happened to be sitting on the couch).


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Summer Discounts All Around

What do H. P. Lovecraft and Nathan Austin have in common? Well, besides them both being intellectual powerhouses whose books we worked our buts off to publish, both of their books are available for 15% off at Lulu!

Now is the time to get around to showing your support to these two special, indie projects. To pick up Survey Says! or Against Religion, just click the side link to the book, which will take you over to our friends at Lulu where, if you enter the code


at check-out, you save 15%.

There, we just saved you a couple of bucks. Oh, and there’s some good-ass summer shipping deals over there, too.

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The painting installment of Knife Fight’s Noches de los Artistas series

is tonight at Pete’s Candy Store. I encourage you all to check it out. The series has been great.

Details at Knife Fight

Painting, Dripping Color, by Chrissy Angliker, 2009

Mixed media, Living the Dream, by Tom Costa, 2010

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