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Hitch, not the movie where Will Smith plays a ladies’ man

Kindle singles is offering an essay on the life and times of Osama bin Laden by Christopher Hitchens for $1.99.

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A tale of two cities

On the heels of Amazon announcing yet another record period on Friday, with the company’s first $10 billion quarter, sales up 36%, and offering a characteristically tricky little metric for Kindle books surpassing paperbacks as the bestselling individual item on Amazon (there is no mention of how hardcovers or other analog book formats fit in here), there was more bad news from Borders on Sunday as they announced that they won’t be paying their January bills or rent and analysts are speculating that the company could file for bankruptcy as early as next week.

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It takes three

After Amazon and Barnes & Noble announced strong holidays driven by sales of eReaders and digital books, Apple announced that they sold 7.3 million iPads during the 4th quarter to bring total sales of the device up to 13.8 million since its release last April.

Total Kindle sales have been estimated at 4.4 million, but according to a recent Codex survey, 40% of books purchased on the iPad are through the Kindle store (presumably because it’s superior to the iBookstore in functionality and selection at this point).


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Kaplan is offering 130 Test Prep eBooks for free.

Details of the promotion here. It’s good through the 17th on all major e-reader devices and Sharp Grammar is currently the most downloaded title on Kindle. You don’t necessarily have to have an eReader to take advantage of this, most platforms have free apps available for your phone, computer, or miscellaneous tablet.

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Off the grid.

Randall Munroe maps the internet over at xkcd… Importance nowhere to be found. 

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… and in the red corner.

There’s a longish piece in NY Mag about the battle between Ron Burkle and Len Riggio over control of Barnes & Noble.

Amazon is misquoted/taken out of context in the artice, it says that Amazon claimed to sell more eBooks than physical editions, they actually reported selling 180 eBooks to every 100 hardcovers in the months of April-June (paperbacks were not included). We posted that announcement here.

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Barnes & Noble hangs a for sale sign out front

as stock has fallen 20% since January and the retail book market becomes increasingly vulnerable, the nation’s largest bookseller considers selling to a private group of investors led by the chain’s founder and chairman Len Riggio.


New Yorker

Post Scriptum- This coupled with the previous post reminds me of Alanis Morissette for some reason, you remember, I know you do.

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