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Summer Discounts All Around

What do H. P. Lovecraft and Nathan Austin have in common? Well, besides them both being intellectual powerhouses whose books we worked our buts off to publish, both of their books are available for 15% off at Lulu!

Now is the time to get around to showing your support to these two special, indie projects. To pick up Survey Says! or Against Religion, just click the side link to the book, which will take you over to our friends at Lulu where, if you enter the code


at check-out, you save 15%.

There, we just saved you a couple of bucks. Oh, and there’s some good-ass summer shipping deals over there, too.


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Also in Suggested Reading,

Jesse Tangen-Mills has some ideas for books to bring to the bar with you during the World Cup over at The Millions.

For the record, I don’t really understand bringing books to the bar (especially, if the thing you’re avoiding is a riveting international sporting event, rather than the occasional unwanted conversation), but if you must ….

I mean, not to get all Seinfeld on this, but people don’t bring booze to the library.

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Without further ado,

Against Religion is now available on Amazon.

Announcement here, in case you forgot.

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You decide.

Our book or not?

Check out the author’s Wikipedia entry.

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Never Forget: Wednesday Night

Scott Larner, Mike Reilly and Alex Smith will be reading at Bar on A (I will be flying-in, special, from the hinterlands of upstate) for the Guerilla Lit Reading Series :

The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series welcomes Alex Smith, Scott Larner, and Mike Reilly to Bar on A.

Join us at 7:30 P.M.

Alex Smith is the author of Lux, a book of poems, and the newly published novella The Berserk (Superchief Books). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Best American Poetry Blog, Vice Magazine, and Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction.

Scott Larner graduated from Michigan State University and currently lives in Brooklyn. His short stories have appeared in Red Cedar Review and Red China Magazine. He is currently finishing a science fiction novel and a post-post apocalyptic pen and paper role-playing game with Alex Smith. He is a co-founder of Sporting Gentlemen, Inc., a start-up press that has just published its first book, H.P. Lovecraft’s Against Religion.

Mike Reilly lives in Astoria and teaches at Queensborough Community College. He is one-quarter of the Sporting Gentlemen publishing group, where he’s known as Posh Sport. He has an MFA from The New School, and is friend to all birds and beasts.

We’ll have Lovecraft books and our books. Do come?

Guerrilla Lit Reading Series

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Pulitzer Prizes were handed out yesterday,

shockingly no Black Maze or Sporting Gentlemen books were selected.



Thanassis Stavrakis / AP

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unreasonable faith blog…

posted an excerpt from Against Religion. Check it out.

Lovecraft Announcement.

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