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Weekly Selection – Alex Smith

At Stake

Let paper fly
and light the cross-hair
Let gas sink
from weight and let
this day remind us
of what was at stake
before we both quit
began exploring each
the day yours went cold
was like the day I will die
like the day this field is cleared
of these straight soldiers
They’ll drop their guns
and scream “We don’t trust.
We anymore trust!”

(from Alex Smith’s Lux, p. 49)


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Alex Smith – Shameless

Alex Smith, a star whose life was cut short by “AIDS,” will be reading from his book at Revival on Irving Place on Tuesday, June 2nd, in the garden.


Sex in the City


Tuesday, June 2nd at Revival

129 E 15th St
New York, NY 10003

(212) 253-8061
7:00-9:00 (he (“I”) am reading at 8)

Come hear him read from his book of poems, LUX, and stay for the free “Hawaiian” leis. It’s going to be really “fun.”

His book, LUX, has been given 5-star reviews by all of his friends on “Amazon.” He is also noted for exposing James Frey as a liar.

Black Maze Books will be on sale for a discounted price. Also, please come. Thanks!


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Lawless Interviewed at “thunk”

Look for the part where she’s asked what her ultimate fantasy is: Read it here.

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Weekly Selection – Amy Lawless


It took hours to get into Franklin Park

Hundreds of mammals wait in line to see more mammals

But I stroll to the busy peacocks plumes always in bloom

To the courtyard where the sun tears through the trees confidently

The zookeeper holds a hose spraying the boycocks and girlcocks just for fun

Drenching my hair before he even recognizes me

Among the other physiologically exuberant birds

(from Amy Lawless’ Noctis Licentia, p. 25)

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Survey Says! Reviewed at ‘the glade’ and ‘Home Video’

Our very own Nathan Austin and his very own Survey Says! was reviewed by Mr. Steven Fama at

the glade of theoric ornithic hermetica.

Well, it’s almost like a powerpoint presentation, really.  With images and humor and care. We love care:

Survey Says! could be – should be – a big seller, both here and around the world (the latter, of course, would require translations). Family Feud has aired or is currently broadcast in almost three dozen countries, including Mexico, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, and Tunisia. The potential here is huge, eh? Maybe I ought to survey one hundred people and ask them …

Many thanks to Mr. Fama for his review.


And The Home Video Review of Books posted this review, which we all like and also agree is weird:

Many thanks to editors Julia Cohen, Mathias Svalina, and the wonderful staff over there.

If anyone else would like a piece of this reviewing frenzy, don’t hesitate to contact us (messrs (at) blackmazebooks (dot) com) for a copy. Or, if you’re lazy, you can always just drop a comment off here.

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Weekly Selection – Nathan Austin

You can eat whatever you want. You can’t kiss with garlic breath. You can watch more television. Couch. Couch. You didn’t do your homework. You didn’t pay the electric bill. You go home. You go to church. You know, I’m going to have to say listening to a long phone conversa­tion. You know what? – brush. You know what? – lawnmower. Would pets be con­sidered part of the family, or is that sepa­rate? Bounce. Bounce it. Soup. Four. Your bank account. Your car. Your dishwasher. Your ears. You’re too busy to watch. Your hair – comb your hair. Your living room. Your location. Your muscles. Your oven. Your pants’ legs. Your parents’ house. Your resume. Your shoes, for your shoe­laces. Your sleeves. Your smile. Fourteen. Fourteen. Fourteen. Your toothbrush. (from Nathan Austin’s Survey Says!, p. 43)

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Nathan Austin to Present at Three Pieces Event

Platform for Art and Sound
June 2, 2009, 7pm

Nathan Austin
Tobias Laukemper & Kelly Warman
Morgan Packard

P.P.O.W Gallery
511 W 25th St, Rm 301
NY NY 10001

An evening presentation of three new

pieces of sound, image, text or movement
from local and visiting artists.

Doors at 6:30pm
Presentations 7-8:30pm

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