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A tale of two cities

On the heels of Amazon announcing yet another record period on Friday, with the company’s first $10 billion quarter, sales up 36%, and offering a characteristically tricky little metric for Kindle books surpassing paperbacks as the bestselling individual item on Amazon (there is no mention of how hardcovers or other analog book formats fit in here), there was more bad news from Borders on Sunday as they announced that they won’t be paying their January bills or rent and analysts are speculating that the company could file for bankruptcy as early as next week.

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… and in the red corner.

There’s a longish piece in NY Mag about the battle between Ron Burkle and Len Riggio over control of Barnes & Noble.

Amazon is misquoted/taken out of context in the artice, it says that Amazon claimed to sell more eBooks than physical editions, they actually reported selling 180 eBooks to every 100 hardcovers in the months of April-June (paperbacks were not included). We posted that announcement here.

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It’s the new Mother Nature come Tacoma.

Amazon announced today, in characteristic if the eBook train departed from St. Louis at 9:45, travelling at an average speed of 62.5 MPH fashion, that they sold more eBooks than physical hardcovers over the past 3 months.

Jeff Bezos also said, Kindle sales have not suffered dramatically amid increased competition from the iPad and price reductions of other devices, but that Kindle has “reached a tipping point.”



Painting, Lumberjack, by Mike Force, 2003

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Amazon and B&N cut eReader prices the day after Father’s day:

Kindle is now listed at $189 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble is selling the new Nook Wi-Fi for $149.

Read more at Galley Cat.

Meanwhile on the otherside of town, Apple announces they’ve sold 3 million iPads in the first 80 days on-sale.

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There are no nations, Mr. Beale. Post #3

Amazon sues the state of North Carolina over demand for customer records. Amazon wants to protect your privacy and just maybe give you a better deal than brick & mortars that have to charge sales tax. Read more at PW.

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Apple Announces:

they sold over 300k iPads in the device’s first day on-sale and 250k accompanying ebooks. Amazon also makes Kindle app available on iPad.

Laura Miller testifies, “The iPad is for readers,” at Salon; Moses also endorses the Tablet format.

Apple Press Release.

Kindle App. 

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No Stephanie Meyer for you!

Hachette books are unavailable on Amazon, also some Penguin titles, as the tug-a-war between Amazon and publishers over E-book pricing continues. In early February, Amazon removed all of  Macmillan’s buy buttons over E-book pricing.

More at Galley Cat.

Still not quite as good as this golden oldy.

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