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Sporting Gentlemen Incorporated was founded in 2009 with the intention of providing focused marketing attention and T.L.C. to select works of fiction and literature in this ever-changing marketplace. The executive board is Alex Smith (President and Publisher), Scott Larner (Chief Financial Officer), Daryl Clark (Chief  Operating Officer), and Mike Reilly (Executive Editor At-Large). We are located in New York city.

Black Maze Books was founded in 2008 in New York by the editors of Red China Magazine and Dick Pig Review, Black Maze Books is an exclusively print effort designed to showcase both emerging writers and artists as well as the elite special projects of writers and artists established in their chosen medium. For a full catalog visit: Black Maze Books’ Website.

The staff is Alex Smith (Editor), Amy Lawless (Editor), Eleanor Jaekel (Editing and Design), Peter LaBier (Editor), Steve Roberts (Guru/Spirit Guide/”MSR”), and Nathan Austin (Contributing Editor).

In the begining, there was Red China Magazine, and it was good. RCM was a literary magazine that began online and print publication in 2003 and featured the work of writers and artists such as: Joshua Abelow, Mark Bibbins, Mariano Chavez, Geoffrey Detrani, Jeff Enke, Andres Laracuente, Amy Lawless, Alford Lawrence, David Lehman, Gabriel Milner, Simon Perchik, Francis Raven, and Jim Trainor. Founded by Alex Smith, Peter LaBier, Daryl Clark and Chris Reed, the magazine concluded with a stunning issue featuring design and illustrations by long-time friend Mike Force, and still receives submissions to this day.

Dick Pig Review was a gloriously scandalous journal brimful of poetry, art, and other strange goodies, and was founded by various members of the Red China Magazine editorial staff. Every contributor to the magazine published under a pseudonym to protect the innocent, and repeat contributors published under new pseudonyms.


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