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This isn’t that kind of blog,

but Macmillan issued a statement today saying that the government merely paid them to pulp the first printing of Operation Dark Heart and changes made to the second printing were done at the author’s request. It had been implied in the media, that the Pentagon bought and burnt the first printing of 9,500 copies and forced them to redact subsequent printings.  Tomato, tomäto?



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Just when you thought it was safe, more Franzen.

There is a “Franzenfreude” comic over at the Rumpus and a fresh interview up on The Guardian in which he talks about David Foster Wallace’s death and jokes about the whole Great American Novelist thing.

Post Scriptum- In fairness, considering the slight degree of player hating and general media fatigue in regard to Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel that has taken place on this site, I just finished and wholeheartedly recommend Freedom. Aside from occasioning toward jackass in very public forums and somebody placing the text “Great American Novelist” due southeast of him on a magazine cover, the guy wrote a good book.

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On this location–

Not to be outdone by the WSJs new weekend book review, the New York Times Book review has an interactive Literary Map of Manhattan detailing where 99 fictional New Yorkers did their thing.

Also, there is an article in said WSJ about the shrinking economics of digital publishing, which mentions (albeit unsourced) that Freedom had sold 35,000 digital editions through its first two weeks; a little more than a third of the 94,857 physical editions it sold in that time frame according to Nielsen BookScan.

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Meet the new boss…

After a lengthy and expensive proxy battle against Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Cos., Barnes & Noble shareholders voted to keep Len Riggio as Chair at their annual meeting this morning.


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More Houellebecq–

There’s an interview with the recently accused of plagiarism, Lovecraft biographing, controversy beckoning, eczema suffering Michel Houellebecq over at the Paris Review. It is revealed that his writing inspired songs by Iggy Pop and Carla Bruni alike and at no point does he get drunk and hit-on interviewer Susannah Hunnewell.

Also in this issue: Sam Lipsyte is a big Marvelous Marvin Hagler fan, as are the Gentlemen, naturally.

Lipsyte has some new fiction over at The New Yorker too.

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The future still looks a lot like Minority Report

Design consultancy IDEO presents three concepts for the future of the book.

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The “Who gives a sh*t” column

Forbes blog asks, why is Ron Burkle even bothering with a proxy battle over doomed bookseller Barnes & Noble?

Also today, Burkle issues an open letter restating that he’s not trying to take over the company.

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