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Weekly Selection – Amy Lawless

Glacier Boxing

When I licked your icy wall—home
A place to fight
When I think before this time,
I sweat instead of breathe
Your light little ankles
Are the twitch in my eye
(Can I lean here?)
Tired in the fifth round,
We hug hard
And transfuse
True love waits without the ring
On mornings, noon, and sometimes nights
Keep the heart unclogged down and right
The gold around his waist,
The redness on his face,
A boxer off the screen
I battle him unseen

(from Amy Lawless’ Noctis Licentia, p. 37)

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Amy Lawless – Celebrate Excellence From Boston

“AMY LAWLESS continues to bring us the manhood, the womanhood, the sex, the thrashing and the porno-comedy.” Best American Poetry Blog

We’re hosting Amy Lawless, author of Noctis Licentia and Dick Pig Review editor, with the help of Botanica Bar, for a special reading to celebrate this excellent product of the Boston School System.

Noctis Licentia

Noctis Licentia

When: Monday, July 13th, 7-10PM

Where: Botanica Bar (Come for the reading and stay for an extended happy hour- yelp says “strong drinks“).

47 E. Houston Street
(between Greene St & Mott St)

Back Room

Lawless to read around 8.

See you there!

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Giant Announcements

Dear Men and Women,

Many exciting announcements, things we’ve been brewing for a thousand months.


To commemorate the beginning of a sporadic Salon Series, we’re hosting our very own Amy Lawless, author of Noctis Licentia and recently knighted co-editor of Black Maze Books, at a TBA location on JULY 14th. Details before the end of this week.

We are excited to announce to new books from two excellent authors to be released over the next few seasons.

Christie Ann Reynolds and Francis Raven are two excellent poets that we will be discussing in greater detail extremely soon. We’ll also sample their goods to give you a taste of the strength a little later.

And show you the covers and stuff…all that stuff we do.


Open Letters reviewed Nathan Austin’s Survey Says! Do see what they’ve got to say here.

Nathan will also be reading tomorrow with our best friend Dan Magers at The Reading at Chrystie Street. Details here.

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Austin and Magers…The Reading


Nathan Austin, BMB author of Survey Says!, and Dan Magers, family friend and editor of sink review and future editor of Dick Pig Review, will be reading at THE READING ON CHRYSTIE STREET.

It’s an excellent reading series hosted by Lauren Ireland and Steve Roberts. Please join us!

Nathan Austin & Dan Magers

Weds., June 24. 7:00p.

Home Sweet Home

131 Chrystie Street

(J,M,Z to Bowery. F,V to 2nd Av., B,D to Grand St.)

Nathan Austin‘s publications include Tie an O (Burning Press, 1998), (glost) (Handwritten Books, 2002) and Survey Says! (Black Maze Books, 2009).  Poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Kiosk, Combo, Aufgabe, Tight, Diagram, and Little Red Leaves.

Dan Magers graduated from The New School’s MFA program in 2005, and is co-editor of Sink Review (, an online poetry magazine.  He’s had poems published in the tiny and Red China Magazine, Dick Pig Review, and Thirteen Myna Birds. He works at the publishing company John Wiley & Sons and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Survey Says!, they will be on hand.  Join us!

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Weekly Selection – Alex Smith

Blue Routine

Betty Ford,
crippled before the coffin of her Gerald,

her grimace like a ruddy tongue extending
from the television screen and licking your neck.

You would think sorrow
a child’s game until this moment.

Sorrow is men

standing behind you, terrified at your loss.
They rub your back while pain
scrambles out of you like so many marbles

from a fish tank.

This is no act.

Shit like this gets you through your daily
jog, your next blind date.

You throw your ruined clothes
in the yellow hamper.

You floss,
make idle remarks about
seasonal anomalies.

You keep your gun clean.

You see her kneeling at the threshold
every time you close your eyes.
Your patience is a Jesus
who washes the sin

from your body with fine soap
and fresh breath.

(from Alex Smith’s Lux, p. 31)

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Weekly Selection – Amy Lawless

Baker’s Daughter

“They say the owl was a baker’s daughter. Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be.” Ophelia, Hamlet

No! I am not Ophelia.

O yeah, I lay with a crazy
But it was just for one night

Among him as his own
To sing a boding song, wave a tender bone.

I fed the meter, built a bridge,
Grabbed a honey, pumped the midg’.

Alack, the smack of truth.

The prince did insert his fangs into my back
And then, ok, ok, you were right!
It all went black!

But tremble I did not. My father lives
Don’t have a brother and I never will
Let my flesh stink to high heaven
Cover it with a wreath homemade
And expect it to do the job of Glade

(from Amy Lawless’ Noctis Licentia, p. 67)

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Weekly Selection – Nathan Austin

A bra. Abraham Lincoln. A building. Scaf­folding. Scalpel. A car. A card game. A cat. A cat. Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. A cell phone. A chance to be with the kids for the day. A chick flick. A Chihuahua. School. School. School of fish. Schools. Ick – beets! Acne. Acne (damn!). A Cocker Spaniel, please. A col­lection agent. A companion – a friend. A cooler. A coroner. Scorpion. A cow. Scream! Scrub. C.D. I.D. A Dalmatian. A dam. A date. Addiction – like, addiction to some­thing or you’re addicted. Address. I de­clare war! I’d have to say decorating. Adjust the seats. I’d like to go with a slang term, so I’m going to go with “drawers.” A doctor. A dog. A dog. A dog. I don’t be­lieve this, but tarot cards. I don’t, but some people might buy alcohol. (from Nathan Austin’s Suvery Says!, p. 15)

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