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Nathan Austin Featured On Studio 360!

Nathan Awesome- whoops, I mean Nathan AUSTIN, author of the famous Survey Says! was interviewed on Studio 360 this Friday!

Check out the interview here.

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Alex Smith v Ryan Manning on thunk!!!!!

Alex Smith is interviewed in the most recent post of thunk. Also Amy Lawless, Ben Mirov, and other friends. Do check it out!


Also–remember to come to Botanica Bar in NYC tomorrow (Monday) night for a special night with AMY LAWLESS!!!!

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Weekly Selection – Alex Smith

A History of Love

When we were connected
we developed like an X-ray.

I continually apologized
for those things about me

and believed such things worthwhile.
I decanted a bottle of wine and set about

seducing the truth out of you
and when you got away I promised

a divine plagiarism of sorts
that would weed out the myth

of your vagina. In passing I uttered
comments and then imagined myself

becoming you momentarily
only to find that I was you

as much as a tree trunk was a bead of semen.
Lovingly, you stayed honest the longest.

I was more like a videogame,
light fare, nothing truly astounding

about the way coffee tastes
in Old France, nothing astounding

about the Old Hotel in Chelsea
or the way I fuck quietly,

trying my darndest to communicate
some physicality I can’t understand.

(from Alex Smith’s Lux, p. 77)

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