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Nice little bit,

on Tetris over at The Millions. Which includes this fantastic pull quote:

And like ping-pong or fucking, the game demands a deep focus that must be both maintained and ignored; once you realize what you’re doing, you’re done.


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Hitchens Stuff–

Decca Aitkenhead talks with Christopher Hitchens about his surprising support of the Iraq invasion, friendship with Martin Amis, and new memoir Hitch-22 at The Guardian.

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I like this:

Eileen Reynolds considers books packaged like cigarettes over at the New Yorker website.

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In our on going effort to keep you informed,

regarding all things e-reader. Sue Halpern has a piece in NYROB weighing the virtues and flaws of the iPad.

Graphic by way of, in case you can’t tell.

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More, without further ado

Cal Berkeley is set to release the first volume of Mark Twain’s massive autobiography, which he stipulated not be published until 100 years after his death. The Independent article handles that absolutely necessary “rumors of his death” pun.

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Without further ado,

Against Religion is now available on Amazon.

Announcement here, in case you forgot.

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You know we love a good literary feud

And spurred by the recent Michael Wolff-Jonathan Alter dust-up, the Daily Beast outlines their criteria for a good feud and lists a top 11. Here.

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