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in honor of the NCAA tournament starting today, our Sporting Gentlemen list of top 10 sporting events:

10. Wrestlemania (it’s debatable whether or not this is actually a sporting event, but included here for the 14 year old in all of us).

9. The Stanley Cup

8. A legitimate Heavyweight championship bout (would be much higher on the list, if it occurred more often).

7. The Kentucky Derby 

6. NBA Finals

5. Summer Olympics

4. World Series

3. Super Bowl

2. NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

1. FIFA World Cup


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On election day, 56 more years.

This is a little off the beaten path, even for a Sporting Gentlemen post, and firstly congratulations to the World Champion San Fransisco Giants, but Ken Rosenthal in his infinite wisdom over at Fox Sports is forecasting longevity for this team built mostly of journeymen rentals.

In the last decade, only the Yankees repeated as champions, and even they took nine years to do so. In deference to the quality young pitching that Rosenthal touts, the Atlanta Braves only won once with the best trio of starters ever, and closers can disappear from one year to the next (see: Brad Lidge or anyone other than Mariano Rivera and Denis Eckersley for that matter).

To be clear, by journeymen rentals, I mean players in the declining stages of their careers with 0-2 years left under contract: Aubrey Huff, Freddy Sanchez, Juan Uribe, Edgar Renteria, Mark DeRosa, Pat Burrell, Andres Torres, Aaron Rowand, Javier Lopez, and Guillermo Mota. Most of these guys had good years and in some cases came up big in the postseason, but it’s going to be tough (i.e. bordeline impossible) to duplicate this year’s results with a rotating cast of position players, even if your quality young pitching stays healthy and quality.

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Casino comes in at #4

The Millions directed me to a Wikipedia entry on films that most frequently use the word “fuck.” Pretty fuckin’ awesome.

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Also in Suggested Reading,

Jesse Tangen-Mills has some ideas for books to bring to the bar with you during the World Cup over at The Millions.

For the record, I don’t really understand bringing books to the bar (especially, if the thing you’re avoiding is a riveting international sporting event, rather than the occasional unwanted conversation), but if you must ….

I mean, not to get all Seinfeld on this, but people don’t bring booze to the library.

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Suggested Reading

Largehearted Boy put together its 2010 list of blogs to read. We’re not on it, it’s OK we’re just working really hard to get back to a very competitive level in ’14.

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You know we love a good literary feud

And spurred by the recent Michael Wolff-Jonathan Alter dust-up, the Daily Beast outlines their criteria for a good feud and lists a top 11. Here.

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List mania continues:

Flavorwire compiles a list of their favorite opening lines, notably without any business about the best of times, Gregor Samsa waking up, or going to bars often.

I found this via Lauren Leto’s blog… it’s fun, go there.

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