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Science Friday

Every once in a while there’s a story about a pastor in Argentina being saved, when the book of psalms in his breast pocket deflects a bullet shot at close range, well the good folks at Electric Literature examine whether any of the huge books published in 2010 are more affective than say a Kindle or the proverbial book of psalms (pun completely intended) in stopping a speeding bullet.

I think it’s important to note that they used a galley copy of The Four Fingers of Death.


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It takes three

After Amazon and Barnes & Noble announced strong holidays driven by sales of eReaders and digital books, Apple announced that they sold 7.3 million iPads during the 4th quarter to bring total sales of the device up to 13.8 million since its release last April.

Total Kindle sales have been estimated at 4.4 million, but according to a recent Codex survey, 40% of books purchased on the iPad are through the Kindle store (presumably because it’s superior to the iBookstore in functionality and selection at this point).


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It’s the new Mother Nature come Tacoma.

Amazon announced today, in characteristic if the eBook train departed from St. Louis at 9:45, travelling at an average speed of 62.5 MPH fashion, that they sold more eBooks than physical hardcovers over the past 3 months.

Jeff Bezos also said, Kindle sales have not suffered dramatically amid increased competition from the iPad and price reductions of other devices, but that Kindle has “reached a tipping point.”



Painting, Lumberjack, by Mike Force, 2003

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Amazon and B&N cut eReader prices the day after Father’s day:

Kindle is now listed at $189 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble is selling the new Nook Wi-Fi for $149.

Read more at Galley Cat.

Meanwhile on the otherside of town, Apple announces they’ve sold 3 million iPads in the first 80 days on-sale.

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In our on going effort to keep you informed,

regarding all things e-reader. Sue Halpern has a piece in NYROB weighing the virtues and flaws of the iPad.

Graphic by way of amnesiablog.com, in case you can’t tell.

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Three’s a crowd

Google sets a June-July launch date for its long delayed digital bookstore. The store will only sell books that aren’t tied up in Google’s settlement with authors and publishers.

The Independent

… and remember this?

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Kindle V. iPad

Ken Auletta has an overview article in The New Yorker about the iPad, Kindle, and the current state of eBook publishing. The release of the iPad, at least temporarily, prevented Amazon from dictating the price of eBooks at $9.99, but will the new boss be the same as the old boss… hm?

Worth a read, although I never heard the iPad referred to as the “Jesus Pad,”  in any self-respecting publishing circle, as the author claims.

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