Weekly Selection – Nathan Austin

You can eat whatever you want. You can’t kiss with garlic breath. You can watch more television. Couch. Couch. You didn’t do your homework. You didn’t pay the electric bill. You go home. You go to church. You know, I’m going to have to say listening to a long phone conversa­tion. You know what? – brush. You know what? – lawnmower. Would pets be con­sidered part of the family, or is that sepa­rate? Bounce. Bounce it. Soup. Four. Your bank account. Your car. Your dishwasher. Your ears. You’re too busy to watch. Your hair – comb your hair. Your living room. Your location. Your muscles. Your oven. Your pants’ legs. Your parents’ house. Your resume. Your shoes, for your shoe­laces. Your sleeves. Your smile. Fourteen. Fourteen. Fourteen. Your toothbrush. (from Nathan Austin’s Survey Says!, p. 43)

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Filed under Family Feud, Poetry, Survey Says!

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