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Amy Lawless has a poem up at Leveler

coupled with a smart little essay.

SPOILER ALERT: Manipulation by others can lead to personal life failures. Personal life failures can lead to coke or divorce. Coke or divorce can lead to more coke.


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Black Maze author Amy Lawless…

has a poem, “Elephants in Mourning”, excerpted at Everyday Genius:

Elephants come across an elephant carcass in the wild.
They gather in a defensive circle around the bones and rotted
Flesh. They pick up a bone and another bone. They rub the bones
With their trunks. They touch each bone with a hind foot.
They investigate each part of the Body, put the bone in the mouth like a cigarette and it
looks like it’s smoking it. For a moment I feel like I’m watching detectives gnawing
On a new case

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Weekly Selection – Amy Lawless

Glacier Boxing

When I licked your icy wall—home
A place to fight
When I think before this time,
I sweat instead of breathe
Your light little ankles
Are the twitch in my eye
(Can I lean here?)
Tired in the fifth round,
We hug hard
And transfuse
True love waits without the ring
On mornings, noon, and sometimes nights
Keep the heart unclogged down and right
The gold around his waist,
The redness on his face,
A boxer off the screen
I battle him unseen

(from Amy Lawless’ Noctis Licentia, p. 37)

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Weekly Selection – Amy Lawless

Baker’s Daughter

“They say the owl was a baker’s daughter. Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be.” Ophelia, Hamlet

No! I am not Ophelia.

O yeah, I lay with a crazy
But it was just for one night

Among him as his own
To sing a boding song, wave a tender bone.

I fed the meter, built a bridge,
Grabbed a honey, pumped the midg’.

Alack, the smack of truth.

The prince did insert his fangs into my back
And then, ok, ok, you were right!
It all went black!

But tremble I did not. My father lives
Don’t have a brother and I never will
Let my flesh stink to high heaven
Cover it with a wreath homemade
And expect it to do the job of Glade

(from Amy Lawless’ Noctis Licentia, p. 67)

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Lawless Interviewed at “thunk”

Look for the part where she’s asked what her ultimate fantasy is: Read it here.

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Weekly Selection – Amy Lawless


It took hours to get into Franklin Park

Hundreds of mammals wait in line to see more mammals

But I stroll to the busy peacocks plumes always in bloom

To the courtyard where the sun tears through the trees confidently

The zookeeper holds a hose spraying the boycocks and girlcocks just for fun

Drenching my hair before he even recognizes me

Among the other physiologically exuberant birds

(from Amy Lawless’ Noctis Licentia, p. 25)

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Weekly Selection – Amy Lawless

Selections From Top One Thousand Insect Tragedies

At the old age of four, Brigitte, a Chicago bedbug, died alone on a crackhead’s
mattress miles from her nearest relative.

Charles, a Palmetto bug from Tallahassee, Fla., was crushed when a woman
closed her cabinet door onto him.

Equitable beetle from Toronto, Hal, was insecticided.

Unable to rub his legs together to make his song a depressed Jean-Louis, a
Haitian cricket, threw himself in front of a truck.

John, a fire ant from a large suburban family, was stepped on by a thirteen
year-old on a tennis court.

Tina Rodriguez, a ladybug, was trapped inside a piece of luggage on United
Flight 175 on September 11, 2001.

Paul, the first moth in his family to step foot inside a college, was trapped
unceremoniously between a screen and a window frame and starved to death
in October. His wife witnessed the whole thing but was unable to push food
through the screen due to her ceaseless histrionics.

A free-loving flea named Harold jumped up the nose of a tourist at the Louvre.
He was blown out dead a few minutes later.

After a fight with his mate, Gene “Sully” Sullivan, a Bostonian fly, stormed
off into the wrong arlirshaft at a local university and was never seen or heard
from again.

Ben, a cockroach living in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, got caught in a
sticky mousetrap. Two of his children watched him try to escape the ooze for an
hour before he told them to retreat to the nest. They thankfully didn’t witness
Karen Ng crush him with a small brown bag hours later.

Elvis Ender, drifter aphid, wandered onto an electric chair moments before a
convicted murderer was executed in Texas on August 18, 2006.

Jeff “Scooter” Hamlin, a firefly from Arlington, Virginia, was kidnapped by
the McKinley twins and suffocated to death in a mason jar.

After a small kitten batted off Craig Schloss’ sixth leg, he hobbled into some
tall grass and starved. The same kitten ate his body two days later.

Local honeybee Zelda Smith got too close to the Barber family’s ceiling fan.
As it was oscillating on high, it clipped off her wings and she fell 10 feet to her
death. She was unconscious upon impact and felt nothing.

Carol and Jim Glendale, two middle-aged butterflies looking to spice up their
sex life, were making love in the air. They smashed into the windshield of a
Dodge minivan and were wiped off cleanly.

Single mother of two hundred Bertie Jenkins died when a fire engulfed the
nest she and her children lived in.

While sucking a bloodfeast from the body of actor Charlton Heston, California
mosquito Jenny Wong suffered a cardiac arrest.

After mating a stunningly gorgeous female mantis named Julia, Matthew McDonald was eaten limb by limb. His last words were “Non, je ne regrette rien.”

(from Amy Lawless’ Noctis Licentia, p. 20)

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