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Congrats Amy Lawless!!

Amy was recently awarded a NYFA fellowship for her outstanding contributions to the world of poesy. Check it.

Also, check out a recent Nathan Austin coup here.

Also, Alex Smith’s story, “The Model of a Boy” appears in the current issue of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction. Downloadable, FREE, here.

Go Black Maze Books contributors!!

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Amy Lawless is reading at Cake Shop on Sunday

with our old friend Sampson Starkweather and Robyn Art, who I believe we published in Red China eons ago:


5 PM



robyn art + john ebersole + austin lagrone + amy lawless + sampson starkweather

polestar reading series

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Amy Lawless is reading with Rachel Glaser at the Poetry Project on Monday Night

April 11, 2011
8:00 pm

Rachel B. Glaser’s collection of stories is called Pee on Water and was released by Publishing Genius Press. She has a poetry chapbook, Heroes are so Long, from Minutes Books. She lives in Northampton, MA, blogs at and paints the NBA.

Amy Lawless grew up in Boston, but she lives in Brooklyn. Her first book Noctis Licentia was published by Black Maze Books in 2008. Her poems have appeared most recently in Lit and Everyday Genius. Sometimes she blogs for Best American Poetry or at

Poetry Project.

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Amy Lawless has a poem up at Leveler

coupled with a smart little essay.

SPOILER ALERT: Manipulation by others can lead to personal life failures. Personal life failures can lead to coke or divorce. Coke or divorce can lead to more coke.

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Alex Smith, Others in FOOD I CORP

Read Alex Smith’s “Racist” in FOOD I CORP. His work is sandwiched between great poems by Brandon Johnson and B.C. Edwards, both of whom we also like.

AND Amy Lawless has some things on there.

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Black Maze author Amy Lawless…

has a poem, “Elephants in Mourning”, excerpted at Everyday Genius:

Elephants come across an elephant carcass in the wild.
They gather in a defensive circle around the bones and rotted
Flesh. They pick up a bone and another bone. They rub the bones
With their trunks. They touch each bone with a hind foot.
They investigate each part of the Body, put the bone in the mouth like a cigarette and it
looks like it’s smoking it. For a moment I feel like I’m watching detectives gnawing
On a new case

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