Survey Says! Reviewed at ‘the glade’ and ‘Home Video’

Our very own Nathan Austin and his very own Survey Says! was reviewed by Mr. Steven Fama at

the glade of theoric ornithic hermetica.

Well, it’s almost like a powerpoint presentation, really.  With images and humor and care. We love care:

Survey Says! could be – should be – a big seller, both here and around the world (the latter, of course, would require translations). Family Feud has aired or is currently broadcast in almost three dozen countries, including Mexico, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, and Tunisia. The potential here is huge, eh? Maybe I ought to survey one hundred people and ask them …

Many thanks to Mr. Fama for his review.


And The Home Video Review of Books posted this review, which we all like and also agree is weird:

Many thanks to editors Julia Cohen, Mathias Svalina, and the wonderful staff over there.

If anyone else would like a piece of this reviewing frenzy, don’t hesitate to contact us (messrs (at) blackmazebooks (dot) com) for a copy. Or, if you’re lazy, you can always just drop a comment off here.


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