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Andy has another round of events at Open Air Modern

Open Air Modern

Spring Design Events Series

All events are free to public at 7pm

at 489 Lorimer St. (btwn Grand & Powers)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The Universe of Keith Haring (2008)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


To Inform and Delight (2008)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


By It’s Cover: Modern American Book Cover Design

with presenting authors Ned Drew and Paul Sternberger

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Francis Bacon (1985)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Public Discourse (2003)

with filmmaker Quenell Jones in dialogue


Open Air Modern at 489 Lorimer St. (btwn Grand and Powers)

Ph: 718-383-6465

Online at http://openairmodern.com and http://facebook.com/openairmodern

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Open Air Modern

Some of you may remember the great discussion series Andy Smith curated at Pete’s Candy Store last Spring, well, he’s back in black with a series of design events at Williamsburg showroom Open Air Modern, starting next Wednesday with a screening of the Eames brothers films. Full details @ apsmith.net.

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found out through Andy’s website, which is sort of like Boing Boing or Gawker or Myspace use to be in the 2000’s, that somebody is finally building a cineplex-like structure in Williamsburg.

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Check it out:

Tomorrow night; Williamsburg’s new cinema; a bunch of great shorts; Q&A’s w/ the filmmakers; a movie called I’m not drunk: the game (incidentally, my Mother and I, always use to play that game, whenever either of us came home and the other happened to be sitting on the couch).


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OpEd: Selling our youth back to us mid quarterlife crisis

I attended my first Pool Party of the year, as much of a Sunday institution as kickball and 16 ounce Styrofoam cups in McCarren Park.  The parties have been a symbol of hipsterdom for the past four years and the New York Times described its frequenters as  “the hippest of New York’s hipsters.”

As odious as anything being described as the hippest of the hip may already seem, the parties have lost a lot of luster since moving from the actual pool to the East River Park last year: they couldn’t manage to do away with dodge ball (although it is significantly marginalized), but there is no Slip N’ Slide, and perhaps the greatest indignity is that alcoholic beverages are confined to a certain zone. Gone are the days when native son, wild child frontman of Les Savvy Fav, Tim Harrington bantered nostalgic about shooting up in the old pool or when Pratt kids Matt & Kim brought a marching band out in front of the packed house (their packed house came yesterday at Siren Fest).

As with most of the outdoor shows in New York this year, there is a checkpoint where they check your person (primarily for items they sell inside, such as water, at least that’s the only thing I saw confiscated), another checkpoint where they check your ID and give you a wristband, a booth where you buy drink tickets, and another checkpoint (complete with turnstiles) that you go through to the certain zone where you can redeem your drink tickets. This certain zone isn’t particularly close to the stage or anything for that matter, except booths that sell you stuff.

Everyone is all too eager to pronounce the deaths of things and it’s not too hard to hear the rattle when the Times is calling you the hippest of the hip and you’re at the center of a bit of Chuck Schumer business, hipsters are also not the easiest group to defend, most commonly associated with trust funds, pretension, and moderate to heavy cocaine use, but the old Pool Parties were about people getting together to have a good time and not having to spend a lot of money to do it. Aside from not having a pool or really being free, these parties are missing the only indispensable ingredient: kids having fun.

PS- The Murder City Devils were great.

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Party on Tuesday

Click this image for all relevant info.

Click this link to tell us you’re coming on Facebook.

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Dates Firmed and Firming

A few things:

Here is Steve Roberts preparing for his author cover photo for an upcoming book of poems titled The Very Best of Steve Roberts (or something like that). The red-headed gentleman is Ed Zipco. He works at Chief Magazine (go see them). Click to enlarge the below fotos for fun looking at mustachioed  men.

Let us bullet the following.

* Also, the Dick Pig Review Anthology is to be submitted today for proofs.

* Amy Lawless’ book, NOCTIS LICENTIA, will be available for purchase at Amazon in two or so months.

* On August 5th, come see us do something special at Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Details coming on that.

Cataloguing information and purchasing information here.

Thanks for staying with us.

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