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Continuing Franzenalooza:

Not quite Kanye, but Jonathan Franzen expresses his “profound discomfort” with making author videos within his very own author video.

Also, recent fiction from The New Yorker: “Agreeable” and “Good Neighbors.”


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I like this:

Eileen Reynolds considers books packaged like cigarettes over at the New Yorker website.

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Kindle V. iPad

Ken Auletta has an overview article in The New Yorker about the iPad, Kindle, and the current state of eBook publishing. The release of the iPad, at least temporarily, prevented Amazon from dictating the price of eBooks at $9.99, but will the new boss be the same as the old boss… hm?

Worth a read, although I never heard the iPad referred to as the “Jesus Pad,”  in any self-respecting publishing circle, as the author claims.

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Don’t be surprised to read Salinger’s last interview here at Importance next week.

Italian journalist, Tommaso Debenedetti, was busted by The New Yorker for publishing fake interviews with John Grisham, Philip Roth, Gore Vidal, and maybe many more (including Nobel Laureates: Coetzee, Gordimer, Grass, Le Clezio, Morrison, Muller, and Saramago).

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