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Weekly Selection – Amy Lawless

Glacier Boxing

When I licked your icy wall—home
A place to fight
When I think before this time,
I sweat instead of breathe
Your light little ankles
Are the twitch in my eye
(Can I lean here?)
Tired in the fifth round,
We hug hard
And transfuse
True love waits without the ring
On mornings, noon, and sometimes nights
Keep the heart unclogged down and right
The gold around his waist,
The redness on his face,
A boxer off the screen
I battle him unseen

(from Amy Lawless’ Noctis Licentia, p. 37)


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Noctis Licentia

Black Maze Books is thrilled to announce the release of Amy Lawless’s collection of poems Noctis Licentia. Her work will thrill, frighten, and make you miss your train stop because you’re thinking about some difficult questions. An entertainment that barely holds in the medium screams from beneath the surface of these poems-collected here in this fabulous debut. Own Noctis Licentia today. Read what Paul Violi writes on Lawless’s work here.

Pictured above: Noctis Licentia. Cover design by Alex Smith.

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