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American tourists are always getting robbed in Europe:

Jonathan Franzen’s glasses were stolen and a $100K ransom note was left by a couple of party crashers at an event in London. The thieves were quickly apprehended and the glasses returned unharmed, once they brought in a chopper. Seriously, a helicopter.



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Just when you thought it was safe, more Franzen.

There is a “Franzenfreude” comic over at the Rumpus and a fresh interview up on The Guardian in which he talks about David Foster Wallace’s death and jokes about the whole Great American Novelist thing.

Post Scriptum- In fairness, considering the slight degree of player hating and general media fatigue in regard to Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel that has taken place on this site, I just finished and wholeheartedly recommend Freedom. Aside from occasioning toward jackass in very public forums and somebody placing the text “Great American Novelist” due southeast of him on a magazine cover, the guy wrote a good book.

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This is me not, not posting,

that Freedom will be selected for the Oprah Book Club on Friday.

Moby Lives with the scoop.

You may remember, after Franzen voiced concerns that Oprah’s selection of The Corrections may turn off male readers his invitation to appear on the show was rescinded.

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Franzen, Franzen, Franzen!

Freedom sold 56,153 copies in its first week on-sale according to Nielsen BookScan. It was outsold by Suzanne Collins’s Mockingjay at 87K, the mass-market edition of Debbie Macomber’s 1022 Evergreen Place at 60K, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo snuck-by, selling 57K. 

Nielsen BookScan accounts for 70% of the U.S. physical book market, the most notable exclusion being WalMart.

In a related story, there’s an essay over at The Millions about the recent proliferation of massive novels despite our dwindling attention spans and intellects.

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I’ve been dying to use the Freedom isn’t free, it costs a buck ‘o five lyrics from Team America in reference to Jonathan Franzen’s new novel.

I couldn’t wait, where’s a price war when you need one?

Following the cover of Time Magazine and Michiko Kakutani’s review in the Times, raves continue to pour in for Freedom: also in the Times Sam Tanenhaus calls it “a masterpiece of American fiction,”  Jonathan Jones at the Guardian blog says it’s the novel of the century,  Esquire says the Great American Novel is resuscitated (that review also includes this tasteless little morsel, “David Foster Wallace may have cashed in his chips, but Franzen isn’t just hanging in, he’s doubling down”), Jodi Picoult Tweets about that pesky ol’ white male bias in response to Kakutani’s review, and in a similar vein Jennifer Weiner speaks out about the overcoverage.

I don’t know, anybody read it yet, who here thought The Corrections was worth the hype?

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Continuing Franzenalooza:

Not quite Kanye, but Jonathan Franzen expresses his “profound discomfort” with making author videos within his very own author video.

Also, recent fiction from The New Yorker: “Agreeable” and “Good Neighbors.”

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Jonathan Franzen is on the cover of Time Magazine under the banner “Great American Novelist.” No pressure.

You can read an abridged version of the corresponding article here.  It’ll appear in full in the print and iPad editions.

The magazine isn’t out yet, but I like this illustration by Nancy Harrison from a Swarthmore alumni bulletin.

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