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Forget Kindle, television is the future

Joining the likes of Jonathan Ames, Jennifer Egan, and Michael Chabon, HBO is developing a comedy written by Sam Lipsyte.

I was also very happy to discover recently, that Chris Offutt co-produced and wrote S05 E08 of the Showtime series Weeds, below is the first paragraph of Offutt’s Wikipedia entry, in case you don’t know why I was so happy for him.

Christopher John “Chris” Offutt (born August 24, 1958, Lexington, Kentucky) is an American writer.

The son of author Andrew J. Offutt, Chris Offutt grew up in a small former mining community in the Appalachian foothills of eastern Kentucky. He quit high school to join the army, but failed the physical.[citation needed] He subsequently attended Morehead State University and graduated with a degree in theater and a minor in English. He then hitchhiked around the country, holding more than 50 jobs, all part-time.


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Check out Raskolnikov’s inbox


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Now that Jonathan Lethem has settled into DFW’s old job at Pomona,

he’s starting to sound a bit like him too, “Brooklyn is repulsive with novelists, it’s cancerous with novelists,” in this Sunday LA Times profile.

I was looking for a map to the author’s homes kind of thing and couldn’t find one (so you’ll have to settle for this plain ol’ one: above) maybe we’re  just not as abhorrent with celebrity obsession over here; so tumorous with celebrity obsession, but more than likely NY Mag just hasn’t run that feature yet.

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Alan Moore’s Neonomicon

Eisner Award-winning comic writer and novelist Alan Moore is not really retired, and I have proof. I just finished reading the third issue of Neonomicon. As opposed to Neo‘s predecessor, The Courtyard (also good), Neo is not based on Moore’s stories. It is scripted by Moore himself and immaculately drawn by Jacen Burrows, and definitely worth a read.

A few years ago I said this about  Alan Moore’s hardback follow-up to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume Two, called The Black Dossier:

Black Dossier seems less a celebration and more an indulgence into Moore’s impractical world views and towering intellect. And although Moore certainly has these former traits in spades, they are not, nor have they ever been the only things that make his work so transcendent, and perhaps more disappointing still: Moore is intelligent enough to know this, and he is neglecting his obligations as a story-teller in this book.

The Black Dossier marked a time when I was particularly fed up (but still jealous of) Mr. Moore’s brilliance and idiosyncratic narratives. Even I, a huge fan of William Lee, did not the highly enjoy the style-copy in the book. Put shortly: for a comic, Dossier had a lot of text, and for a text narrative, it was slow and not in the spirit of his previous work on League. I enjoyed Moore’s second follow-up to League, entitled 1910, but I didn’t say anything about it to anyone but my friend Ed, who didn’t even read it.

The auxillary throwback cover for iss. 3 says it all.

Now I’ve read Neonomicon (published by the wonderful Avatar) and I’m crowing from the rooftops: All Lovecraft and Moore fans with a sturdy stomach should enjoy this series. Yes, I said Lovecraft. Moore has been writing about Lovecraft and referencing Lovecraft throughout his career, and Neonomicon represents his most powerful telling of the mythos yet.

Jacen Burrows is at his best here. His art so clearly and richly delineates the characters, and he portrays the horror unflinchingly. It has been a pleasure watching Mr. Burrows develop into a true storytelling force over the past years. In Moore and Burrows is Lovecraft reborn into a metaphysical, metafictional nightmare. Go read it.

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Woulda, Coulda, I don’t know about shoulda.

The Guardian blog muses on a science fiction collaboration between Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford that the Sporting Gents almost reissued last year.

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This Month’s installment of Fireside Follies

w/ our ol’ friend Andy dj’ing straight Blowfly.

This months all-star lineup includes
-novelist Arthur Nersesian
-poet Eileen Myles
-artist Julia Wertz
-novelist Justin Taylor
-poet Tom Oristaglio
-our guest DJ A.P. Smith.

Sat., Jan. 15 @7pm
Brooklyn Fire Proof
119 Ingraham St. (at Porter Ave.)
Morgan L stop
Bushwick, Brooklyn

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They announce the Booker tonight. Gentlemen, don’t place your bets.

Ladbrokes has suspended wagering on the Man Booker after I let 15,000 pounds of my Monday Night Football winnings ride on Tom McCarthy’s C last week.

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