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Since I haven’t posted on here in forever

… and we have a DFW category. Check out the Not Foster Wallace Tumblr.

This guy, also not, Louis C.K. or Dexter.


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Now that Jonathan Lethem has settled into DFW’s old job at Pomona,

he’s starting to sound a bit like him too, “Brooklyn is repulsive with novelists, it’s cancerous with novelists,” in this Sunday LA Times profile.

I was looking for a map to the author’s homes kind of thing and couldn’t find one (so you’ll have to settle for this plain ol’ one: above) maybe we’re  just not as abhorrent with celebrity obsession over here; so tumorous with celebrity obsession, but more than likely NY Mag just hasn’t run that feature yet.

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… when you’re leaving

True to the tragic artist form, DFW is getting a lot of posthumous mileage lately, and he’s mentioned prominently in this essay from yesterday’s Book Review on the philosophical novel. Also from the Book Review, this reminded me of Dale Peck briefly and nicely touching on the difference between novels in the alienating and democratic traditions in his review of Thomas Bernhard’s My Prizes a couple of weeks ago.

DFW was also evoked, on the need for curation of the internet in a recent New Yorker profile of AOL CEO  Tim Armstrong, and I like the crassness of his quote:

There are four trillion bits coming at you, 99 percent of them are shit, and it’s too much work to do triage to decide. So it’s very clear, very soon there’s gonna be an economic niche opening up for gatekeepers… Because otherwise we’re gonna spend 95 percent of our time body-surfing through shit.

Oh yeah, and there was this piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education about DFW’s academic legacy.

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Just when you thought it was safe, more Franzen.

There is a “Franzenfreude” comic over at the Rumpus and a fresh interview up on The Guardian in which he talks about David Foster Wallace’s death and jokes about the whole Great American Novelist thing.

Post Scriptum- In fairness, considering the slight degree of player hating and general media fatigue in regard to Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel that has taken place on this site, I just finished and wholeheartedly recommend Freedom. Aside from occasioning toward jackass in very public forums and somebody placing the text “Great American Novelist” due southeast of him on a magazine cover, the guy wrote a good book.

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It feels strange…

to commemorate the anniversary of someone’s death, particularly on the day after yesterday, but today is the second anniversary of David Foster Wallace’s. Below is a well-worn postcard he sent me in 2003.

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Jonathan Lethem is getting DFW’s old job at Pomona.

And I’m not nearly as concerned for him, as I was for Louie Anderson, when he started hosting Family Feud. Junot Diaz withdrew his name from consideration at some point. Read more.

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Riding in Cars with Boys

A couple muddy reviews of David Lipsky’s new book,  Although Of Course You End up Becoming Yourself, about Lipsky’s time spent on the road with David Foster Wallace at the end of the Infinite Jest book tour:

LA Times


DFW’s own “on the road” essay in Rolling Stone about John McCain’s 2000 Presidential campaign tour, back when he was more war hero than steady hand.

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