Corporate Tech is Killing Howard Stern

Fred, Robin, Stern, Christy

Recently Howard Stern announced that he would continue broadcasting his funny, funny, A-level talk show through SiriusXM satellites for another five years. He was also proud to announce that his listeners would be able to get his shows in their iphone using the Sirius app. Great news! Only Howard accepted a bad deal, because Sirius has proven to be a block on the talk jock’s success. It is a matter not of his rumored pay cut, but another large corporation’s failure to meet the demands of their consumers. As such, it is easier to steal Howard Stern’s show than to pay for it.

The problem is that the app sucks. And Sirius sucks worse. You have to pay these tiny  weird subscription fees, which are hard to find on the Sirius websites. You need to sign up and pay for two separate services just to get the Stern audio show. Even then you won’t be able to pause, rewind, or save content into your i/berry/droid. And the app sucks down battery power reeeeaaal fast. Stern also does genius television, which you’ll need two MORE subscriptions to receive (Cable, HTVOD). You need  ANOTHER subscription to watch, save and load the TV show as you wish (Tivo).


It is a nightmare to consume Howard Stern’s art legally. As a result, Howard Stern is shooting himself in the foot. In both feet. In the small of his back. Because thousands, if not tens of thousands, if not more, are getting Stern’s stuff for free. In fact, it’s easier to do it that way. Sternnet is a pirate site that delivers Howard Stern content better than  Stern and Sirius do. You’re up and running, receiving all the content of Howard Sirius and Howard TV and more with a single sign-up.

After agreeing to their simple citizenship-style member rules (contribute or die), you’re swimming in Stern almost immediately. Fans can listen to every program on the Stern Sirius channels, including old episodes going back years. Sternet even produces their own pirate radio shows, focusing on new content they generate and high-quality clip shows.

Ok, so pirates do it better than suits. Big surprise. What’s the point? Well, first of all, this is another great example of corporate suicide.

And second: Howard, we love you. Go ask the punks at SN to help you be relevant to a broader audience again.

We all buy, sell, trade, and steal. We torrent, itunes, hulu, netflix. Many think they’re not guilty of it, but then they go to youtube and watch entire television shows illegally uploaded to the site. The reason is because we want what we want, and we know we can get it RIGHT NOW, whether you tell us we can or not.

Please, Howard, take a page from the criminals. Some of your listeners would start paying you instead of them.


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