… when you’re leaving

True to the tragic artist form, DFW is getting a lot of posthumous mileage lately, and he’s mentioned prominently in this essay from yesterday’s Book Review on the philosophical novel. Also from the Book Review, this reminded me of Dale Peck briefly and nicely touching on the difference between novels in the alienating and democratic traditions in his review of Thomas Bernhard’s My Prizes a couple of weeks ago.

DFW was also evoked, on the need for curation of the internet in a recent New Yorker profile of AOL CEO  Tim Armstrong, and I like the crassness of his quote:

There are four trillion bits coming at you, 99 percent of them are shit, and it’s too much work to do triage to decide. So it’s very clear, very soon there’s gonna be an economic niche opening up for gatekeepers… Because otherwise we’re gonna spend 95 percent of our time body-surfing through shit.

Oh yeah, and there was this piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education about DFW’s academic legacy.

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