Yomi is a cardgame invented by a design consultant (boardgames and videogames) and tournament competitor, David Sirlin.

Sirlin published and is distributing the game pretty much by himself, and while it’s a hefty price tag for what is essentially a card game (albeit it an exceptionally designed one that provokes the imagination), it also means that he’s extremely dedicated.

Yomi is a card game (no collecting necessary) that works a lot like rock, paper, scissors–with a lot of reading your opponent and making the right call as to what they might play next. The theme of Yomi should be familiar to some of our gamer readers: Each player selects a pre-made deck which represents their character, and each card in their hand represents one or two combat moves their player can make.

Yeah, kinda like Yu-gi-oh...only we recommend it.

Yomi is simple to learn, and free to play and learn online here. But the beauty is in holding a deck and sitting across from a friend. Yomi only recently came out, but has already made the #1 game in several top ten lists of high profile game critics (check out their awesome videos here and here.)

Check Yomi out today.

Thanks to BGG for this one.

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