This Month’s reading at Chrystie

Ben Fama & Rachel B. Glaser are hot (for words).

Babies, it’s cold outside. This Thursday, December 16, warm yourself by the fireside inferno of Ben Fama & Rachel B. Glaser, two writers whose work will never cool down. Instead of shivering at the raked coals of the altar of bullshit we’ll all toast our toes on poesy & prose at the Four-Faced Liar, while Ben & Rachel bank the fires of wonderful words.


7 M SHARP (ha ha, I know)
165 West 4th Street, at 6th Avenue

Ben Fama is the author of the chapbook Aquarius Rising (Ugly Duckling Presse) and NEW WAVES (forthcoming from Minutes Books). He is the founding editor of Supermachine Poetry Journal. His work has been featured in GlitterPony, Notnostrums, Poor Claudia, and on the Best American Poetry Blog, among others.

Rachel B. Glaser is the author of Pee On Water, a collection of stories from Publishing Genius Press, and the poetry chapbook, Heroes Are So Long, by Minutes Books. Her work has appeared in New York Tyrant, American Short Fiction, Unsaid, and elsewhere. The title story of her new collection received an honorable mention for the 2010 Pushcart Prize.

P.S. I highly recommend not doing a Google image search for “baby it’s cold outside” if you are at work.


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