This Month’s reading at Chrystie (a whole lot of French on Importance lately, b/c we’re classy)


Lily Ladewig & Leigh Stein are two founding members of a group I have just now created, The Poetry Resistance.  According to Wikipedia, The Poetry Resistance is a defiant front, united against boring bullshit & bad poems.  Lily Ladewig & Leigh Stein write poems both gorgeously disobedient & hilariously dangerous, in addition to providing first-hand  intelligence information and maintaining  escape networks that help those who have become trapped by obligation at never-ending readings.

& so, mon peu d’orge sucres, join the movement on Thursday, September 16, at 7 PM, when Lily “Le Lapin  Audacieux Jacques” Ladewig & Leigh “La Licorne Courageux” Stein lead a thrilling revolt against apathy & goodfornothings, terrible verse & snoozy old literary regimes.

You will know us by our rallying cry:

Je ne regrette rien! Vous ne regrettez rien! Nous ne regrettons rien!

7 M SHARP (ha ha, I know)
165 West 4th Street, at 6th Avenue

Lily Ladewig ne regrette rien. Où est la bibliotheque? Où est mon chapeau?

Lily Ladewig defies gravity. She is not opposed to eating rabbits on Christmas but she is morally opposed to earthquakes, pantyhose, and changing lanes without signaling.

Leigh Stein est une gitane. Elle aime les licornes. Où est la future? Elle sait. La future est ici.

Leigh Stein is in personal defiance towards ne’er do wells, bands about ducks, mushrooms, men who ask if she does yoga and then have no follow up question, liars, and aging, which she counteracts by wearing too much blush.


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