I’ve been dying to use the Freedom isn’t free, it costs a buck ‘o five lyrics from Team America in reference to Jonathan Franzen’s new novel.

I couldn’t wait, where’s a price war when you need one?

Following the cover of Time Magazine and Michiko Kakutani’s review in the Times, raves continue to pour in for Freedom: also in the Times Sam Tanenhaus calls it “a masterpiece of American fiction,”  Jonathan Jones at the Guardian blog says it’s the novel of the century,  Esquire says the Great American Novel is resuscitated (that review also includes this tasteless little morsel, “David Foster Wallace may have cashed in his chips, but Franzen isn’t just hanging in, he’s doubling down”), Jodi Picoult Tweets about that pesky ol’ white male bias in response to Kakutani’s review, and in a similar vein Jennifer Weiner speaks out about the overcoverage.

I don’t know, anybody read it yet, who here thought The Corrections was worth the hype?

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