Something about Tiger

Hey everyone Alex Smith here–just want to congratulate partner D. Clark for keeping the blog lively. Keep checking back for insider publishing tidbits and coverage on our favorite people. Two things:

One: THREE (out of four) of the Sporting Gents will be reading their own work over at Geurilla Lit on April 28th over at Bar on A. We’ll also have copies of the Against Religion for sale  (don’t worry, I’ll remind you again as we come closer).

Two: I found this commentary on Tiger Woods’ need to step out on his wife on a blog called MAX OUT YOUR GAME…or something of the sort. I was too afraid to read any more of the blog than that…but I love them and what they are doing. Why talk about Tiger? Well’s he’s a gentleman of the sporting type, wouldn’t you say?

P.S. Click the Lovecraft link and pick yourself up his book Against Religion. It’s better than 90% of the garbage being published these days.


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