Weekly Selection – Nathan Austin

A bra. Abraham Lincoln. A building. Scaf­folding. Scalpel. A car. A card game. A cat. A cat. Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. A cell phone. A chance to be with the kids for the day. A chick flick. A Chihuahua. School. School. School of fish. Schools. Ick – beets! Acne. Acne (damn!). A Cocker Spaniel, please. A col­lection agent. A companion – a friend. A cooler. A coroner. Scorpion. A cow. Scream! Scrub. C.D. I.D. A Dalmatian. A dam. A date. Addiction – like, addiction to some­thing or you’re addicted. Address. I de­clare war! I’d have to say decorating. Adjust the seats. I’d like to go with a slang term, so I’m going to go with “drawers.” A doctor. A dog. A dog. A dog. I don’t be­lieve this, but tarot cards. I don’t, but some people might buy alcohol. (from Nathan Austin’s Suvery Says!, p. 15)


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Filed under Family Feud, Poetry, Survey Says!

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