Weekly Selection – Nathan Austin

Cabbage. Rabbit. Macaroni and cheese. Vacation. Vacation. Vaccines. Lace. Dachs­hund – the little wiener dog. Racing. Back. Back to me – Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. Macy’s. Ladder. Paddle ball. Daddy. Sade. Radio. Lady Bird Johnson. Magazine. Cage. Bagel. Sailing. Rain­coats. Hair, hair color. Wait a second – it’s already been said. Major speeches. Cake. Take a pulse. Take a shower. Fake fur. Fake people. Fake teeth. Cake – we’re going to go with cake. Take your blood pressure. Making sure you look good for the party. Saks Fifth Avenue. Salad. Talent. Calf. California. California. Cali­fornia. California. Walk. Walk. Walk away. Walkie-talkie. Talking on the cell phone. Talk on the phone. Talk on your cell phone. Balloons. Balloons. Balloons. (from Survey Says!, p. 11)


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Filed under Family Feud, Poetry, Survey Says!

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