Nathan Austin’s Survey Says! Nearing Release

Nathan Austin’s procedural poem book is Survey Says!– a collection of the dubious and humorous answers provided by contestants on America’s beloved TV game show, Family Feud, and as it nears release we just have to talk about it:

Needless to say, we love this book…and think it is scary- in that, when all the answers are there before us, there is a suggestion of some hive-mind stuffed with pop culture- and Family Feud acts as some kind of overflow valve for the growing detritus. That’s just one interpretation. Poems are open to interpretation, right? Pick it up and interpret it for yourself- then say “Take that, poetry!”

Survey Says! Coming January 09.

Survey Says! Coming January 09.

Survey Says! is a scant month (or so) away from shipping, and we are too excited to hold in our excitement. As such, we had to share the cover with you…and a few words of glee.


Precinct’s Limited LP, Compound, is now sold out. Sorry. It was limited.

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