We’re having a party for this and other Black Maze stuff, too. Check out the below post for info. You’re all invited! We do hope you’ll come out and support this Importance event.

Collecting the entirety of our acclaimed literary journal into one volume, the editors of the Dick Pig Review have assembled a gloriously scandalous book brimful of poetry, art, and other strange goodies. Twenty Years of Pig features the work of over thirty emerging visual artists and poets, spanning generations of transgressive, fearless talent.

If you loved us on the web, purchase, now, all of our issues, weird send-outs, strange goodies we left on the cutting room floor, and every other odd thing we collected and displayed at this URL. The book is full color throughout with brilliant, high resolution reproductions of the art, a few new poems and pictures have been thrown in to sweeten the deal.

This is THE poetry and art anthology to read. Compared to Twenty Years, there are no Best American Poets. There is no David Lehman.

There is only the Dick Pig.

If you’re not convinced, read what our plants have to say about us below.


Support our four-year project of genius by buying a copy now. Click HERE.


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